the mosquito net

logo inside the moskito net

Our journey with the moskitonet has assumed varying levels of interest for us. To us the moskito net is more than an element to express arts; we have come to realize how many nets we have in our worlds, in our lives and over our minds and bodies. We have deliberately created the word moskito with “k” also to suggest a new meaning and further to suggest the fact that the boundaries need to be extended more to make the human experience worth more.

Innovating and exploring therefore is core to  IMN and starts with the name of our movement.

logo inside the moskito net

In our society, it has   become difficult as human to tell, see, feel and hear the truth.

Our inability to do these result in lots of pain for us and others, like painful bites, just like a bite from a mosquito. How can we protect from these bites?

inside the moskito net project 4

At inside the moskitonet, we want to ask you about:

‘What do you want to see through the moskitoNet’?

‘What do you want to hide inside the mosquito net’?

‘What do you want to feel insidethemoskitonet’?

‘What do you want to hear insidethemoskitonet’?

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