Performance at the Brazil House, Accra, Ghana, january 2012

inside the moskito net Performance who

brazil house perform show in accra ghana inside the moskito net We started this project in June 2011. We developed the main ideas and the concept till January 2012 when we had the opening exhibition and experimental Performance at the Brazil House in the center of Accra-Ghana (James Town).

The first exhibition which was set in January 2012 in Accra Ghana brought together these artists led by the Spanish artist ZIreJa who worked for 2 months around various concepts in an experimental performance and exhibition. For one month the exhibition stayed open with workshops exploring the different ‘nets’ in our lives. The workshop activities included contemporary African dance led by amazing dancer Nti Yaw, member of the Noyam Institute in Ghana, Music and sounds led by Kyekeyku; sound artist and musician in Ghanaian traditional music and rhythms. Visual Arts, Painting and installations led by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in Ghana and the Japanese artist Maki Kawamoto- poet, musician, dancer and choreographer.

We also made a tour around the exhibition for kids and we involved the people to participate and workshops showing the painting arts done by artists from Ghana and Spain (Adowa Amoah, Ato Annan, Serge Attukwei Clottey and ZIreJa). We explored visual arts also with photography and video art, and also we invited people to show us what they think feel INSIDETHEMOSKITONET at the wall.

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